Heifer International’s Unsung Heroes of the Greatest Generation-Part 3

This week’s post by Heifer International shares a cowgirl’s story! After the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration ceased livestock shipments in 1947, the Heifer Project was on it’s own. Cattle attendants no longer received pay from UNRRA, and they no longer needed to join the Merchant Marine. The latter made it possible for women to participate. This is Kathy Moore’s story.

All aboard! The Seagoing Cowboy launches today!

seagoingcowboy-cover_FINAL-smallerToday is the release date for my children’s picture book The Seagoing Cowboy published by Brethren Press. It’s been a long time coming, and I can’t be more excited!

Claire Ewart’s vibrant illustrations bring the story to life, and book designer Paul Stocksdale’s map illustrated with historical photos following the story adds tremendous value to the book.

I’m grateful to Brethren Press for taking on this project and to all the seagoing cowboys who have shared their stories with me. You can purchase the book here.

Claire Ewart and I will be signing books at Better World Books in Goshen, Indiana, from 6:00 to 8:00 tomorrow night, April 1 (no fooling!). I’ll have my private launch party on Saturday, then head on down to Little Rock, Arkansas, where I’ll be presenting at Heifer International as part of the Arkansas Literary Festival on Saturday, April 16. Watch my events page on this website for something near you.

Karen Kulinski and Sharon Biggs Waller launch new historical novels

Rescuing IvyIt is with great pleasure that I announce the launching of my writers group friend and cohort Karen Kulinski’s RESCUING IVY. This middle grade historical novel, inspired by a true story, is the tale of a girl and the elephant she loves. Danna’s late-night visit with Ivy, the circus elephant, results in the animal being wrongly condemned to death for killing a man. When nobody believes the girl that Ivy is innocent, she sets out to save the elephant herself, teaming up with a circus boy, her older brother, and two hoboes.

Karen kicked off her launch Sunday, March 20, with a circus-themed party for which several members of our TaleBlazers writers group were present.

IMG_06761-Karen's launch

TaleBlazer Writers Group members celebrate the launch of RESCUING IVY. From l. to r., Peggy Reiff Miller, Peggy Archer, Katie Mitschelen, Karen Kulinski, Mary Ann Moore, Fred Longenecker. Photo courtesy of Karen Kulinski.

The Forbidden OrchidTaleBlazer member Sharon Biggs Waller was unable to attend, as she was in New York City promoting her newest YA novel, THE FORBIDDEN ORCHID, which she launched March 12. From the book jacket:

In England
Elodie is a dutiful daughter and sister.
At Sea
Elodie is a reckless, romantic stowaway.
In China
Elodie is a brave plant hunter.

 Where does she truly belong?

Two great books by two of my great writer friends!