Congratulations to Dayton Christian Elementary School!

My congratulations to Dayton Christian Elementary School on raising $3,416.00 for Heifer International!

Your classes selected 5 hives of bees, 2 sheep, 6 chickens, 4 goats, 3 rabbits, 2 flocks of ducks, 1 flock of geese, 2 llamas, 4 pigs, 5 water buffalo, with $6.00 left over to be used where most needed. Best of all, your gifts were given during a matching gift promotion and your contribution was doubled!

You are an inspiration!

DCS #1

Students proudly display pictures they made of the animal their class decided to purchase. Photo credit: Melissa Geiss.

Inspiring morning at Dayton Christian School

I give a big shout out to Dayton Christian School Librarian Jodi Brown! Jodi coordinated a school visit for me to share my book The Seagoing Cowboy with the Dayton Christian Elementary School students in chapel this morning. But she did much more than that. Since last spring, she has been sharing her enthusiasm with school staff and students for the work of Heifer International to which my book relates. The students inspired me by energetically raising funds to buy several animals for Heifer, exemplifying the school’s mission of “Building Foundations, Changing Lives,” and being “the Salt and Light of the World.” Read more in DCS Communications Director Melissa Geiss’s report on the DCS website.

DCS #1

Students proudly display pictures they made of the animal their class decided to purchase. Photo credit: Melissa Geiss.

DCS #2

Me with Dayton Christian School Librarian Jodi Brown. Photo credit: Melissa Geiss.

DCS #3

Joyful students from Dayton Christian Elementary School. Photo credit: Melissa Geiss.

Sharing Heifer Project history at Brethren Retirement Community

I had a grand time sharing the beginnings of Heifer International with the residents of the Brethren Retirement Community in Greenville, Ohio, last week. The Southern Ohio Heifer Project Committee was a big player in those beginnings. In return, many of the residents shared stories of their own involvement.


Peggy Reiff Miller invites Ivan Patterson to share his experiences as a seagoing cowboys in 1945.

20190510_161015 (2)

A book signing for residents followed.

Heifer International’s Unsung Heroes of the Greatest Generation-Part 3

This week’s post by Heifer International shares a cowgirl’s story! After the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration ceased livestock shipments in 1947, the Heifer Project was on it’s own. Cattle attendants no longer received pay from UNRRA, and they no longer needed to join the Merchant Marine. The latter made it possible for women to participate. This is Kathy Moore’s story.